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Products from Fake cakes for display are commercial grade with supreme quality. Our products are perfect for window display, for store front display, and for wedding. We offer three-year warranty for our products. Fake cakes for display do not only manufacture fake cake model, we also customize any fake food model for your needs. Customization of your needs is just a photo problem. We guarantee customization  is absolutely affordable. If you are not satisfied with the products you brought from other company for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact  Fake cakes for display for details.

Fake cakes for display


Fake Cakes for Display is a division of Wiivv Art Inc.. Fake Cakes for Display is the leading supplier of fake food models, especially fake cakes model. Since 1988, our company has worked with owners of cake shops, pizzeria, food courts, bars, cafes, fast foods globally to create attractive, functional cakes model. Fabricated with sophisticated materials, our comprehensive selection of food models is designed to withstand the test of time, people and elements. From standard designs to custom solutions, our sole mission is to help our clients to put their unique vision into reality.



It is the vision of Fake cakes for display to lead the global fake food model industry through innovation, continuous quality improvement and by providing products and services to satisfy the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers, business partners, employees and shareholders.